If you are in the market for one bedroom apartments Jacksonville FL has countless options available. Retirees tend to flock to this part of Florida. As a result, there are a lot of apartments in the area available for rent – many of which have just one bedroom.

These apartments are ideal for single people or for couples. They provide plenty of living space but are far more affordable than apartments with additional bedrooms. If you don’t need the extra space, going with a one-bedroom apartment is definitely a great option.

Choosing one of these smaller apartments will help keep your monthly rental costs as low as possible, freeing up additional money in your budget to use for other things. Nobody wants to spend all of their cash on rent. If a one-bedroom apartment will work for your needs, it is definitely worth considering.

A lot of times, people rent apartments that have an extra bedroom, simply because they want the extra storage space. With a little bit of creativity, however, it is possible to add a lot of additional storage to a one-bedroom apartment.

For instance, instead of going with a standard boxspring for your mattress, you could choose a platform bed with built-in drawers. That way, you could store a lot of items underneath your bed, eliminating the need for additional closets or dressers.

Another option is to add shelving to your walls to provide extra storage. There are a lot of great storage solutions available. Some options even provide hidden storage, making it easy to keep your apartment looking neat and tidy while still having plenty of room to store all of your things.

Most landlords will allow you to hang things on the wall as long as you repair the holes before you leave. Check with your landlord to be sure, however, before adding shelving to your space.

Another great way to increase your storage space is by hanging items behind your doors. For instance, in your bedroom, consider placing a set of over-the-door hooks on the back of your door. You can use these hooks to hang everything from extra clothing to a laundry hamper, a set of resistance bands for working out, or even your yoga mat.

If you are moving into a one-bedroom apartment after living in a larger space, you may be worried about being cramped. To make the transition as easy as possible, downsize your belongings as much as you can before you move. Then, as you get settled in your space, look for unique or creative storage solutions to free up more room.

When it comes to one bedroom apartments Jacksonville FL has numerous options available. Don’t settle for the first apartment that you see. Explore a number of different apartments to find one that has enough living space.

Even though an apartment only has one bedroom, it doesn’t mean that the space has to feel cramped. Many one-bedroom apartments have large rooms that feel open and spacious – particularly if you store your belongings wisely.

If You Are Hunting For One Bedroom Apartments Jacksonville FL Is The Perfect Place To Be